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Mohamad Nassereddine

Affiliation: University of Western Sydney

URL: http:/­/­­staff_profiles/­uws_profiles/­mr_mohamad_nassereddine

Biography: Mohamad Nassereddine, obtained his BEng (electrical) and M. Eng.(Hons) from University of Western Sydney, Sydney, Australia. He has many publications in the earthing and lighting design and he has many publications in the field of Switched Reluctance Generator for Wind Energy Applications. His research interests are in the fields of earthing and lightning design for substations and transmission lines. He is also pursuing his Ph.D. at University of Western Sydney.

Seminars given by Mohamad Nassereddine

HV substation earth grid commissioning using current injection test (CIT) method

Speaker: Mohamad Nassereddine (University of Western Sydney)

Time: 23/09/2013 from 14:00 to 15:00

Venue: Access Grid UWS. Presented from Penrith (Y239), accessible from Parramatta (EB.1.32) and Campbelltown (26.1.50).

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